An Evening with Andrew Yang

Sunday, May 2, 2021 7:30PM

An Evening with Andrew Yang

Presented by UCSB Arts & Lectures

“Yang, one of the most unlikely candidates of the 2020 Democratic race, has emerged as a surprising, enduring political force... who began his campaign as an outsider’s outsider touched a nerve that’s given his candidacy an unexpected afterlife.” Washington Post

“Part political stand-up act, part economic soothsayer, Yang breezily treads a line that might give fits to candidates less at ease with a microphone. He simultaneously presents himself as an unflappable funnyman who’s the perfect antidote to our grave times, and a mathematics-driven “numbers guy” in a country that has more things wrong with it than voters can count.” Los Angeles Times

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang is a noted entrepreneur and the author of The War on Normal People, in which he calls attention to the mounting crisis in employment caused by the automation of labor. A proponent of universal basic income; his plan is the Freedom Dividend, a UBI of $1,000 per month for every adult American. During the Obama administration Yang was named Presidential Ambassador of Entrepreneurship and lauded for his nonprofit Venture for America, a fellowship program for recent graduates who want to work at startups and create jobs in American cities. A vocal advocate for personal ownership of data, Andrew Yang writes: “We ourselves have become the product, and we are being sold to those with the means to buy access to every detail of our behavior – and to shape what we do next” (Los Angeles Times).

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